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Choose the appropriate word for each sentence. There is one extra word. Some words can be used in different sentences.
1. I remember having no friends at all. I felt completely lonely and ___.
2. It would be ___ of you to ask your parents for permission.
3. To achieve your goal, you should be ___ and ready to do your best.
4. My mom is always too ____ about me.
5. When I passed the exam, I felt ___.
6. She is feeling ___ about going to a new school. She is shy.
7. Mark is such a ____ person! He is full of wonderful ideas.
8. If you want to be a good friend, you should be ___ so that people can trust you.
9. Small children are usually ___ about everything in the world.
Слова: fussy, determined, miserable, creative, satisfied, curious, uneasy, reliable, anxious

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