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Выполнить упражнения по теме Пассивный залог:

1) Перепишите данные предложения в форме пассивного залога.

E.g.: Somebody fetched a chair for Mrs Dixon. => A chair was fetched for Mrs Dixon.

Начало формы

  1. He told me a strange story.
  2. He has shown us his new car.
  3. He will promise Jane a big diamond ring.
  4. I paid him €200 for his job.
  5. We gave them plenty of work.
  6. Somebody will send you a Valentine card.
  7. I told him the whole story.
  8. The doctor had spared them no details.
  9. They are telling him the whole thing.
  10. They speak French at this shop.
  11. Somebody stole my car.
  12. They have sent the books to the wrong address.
  13. Somebody will bring the beer.
  14. Somebody has bought this fur coat.
  15. Somebody has left this umbrella behind.
  16. They haven’t caught the robbers yet.
  17. They don’t drink ice-cold beer in England.
  18. They eat a lot of fish.
  19. They drink tea with milk at least five times a day.
  20. They discuss the weather every day.
  21. Some men robbed the Glasgow-London mail train in 1961.
  22. They stopped the train between two stations.
  23. They disconnected the engine and the first two coaches.
  24. They drove them to a lonely bridge.
  25. People discussed the mail robbery all over the world.
  26. The police caught some of the robbers and found part of the money.
  27. The court sentenced the men in January 1964.
  28. Somebody will look after their children.
  29. You have not paid for the car. Конец формы
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