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Fill in the correct words from the list, then ask and answer questions about Winston Churchill. education, famous, born, helped, studied, loved, worked, married, died

Winston Churchill was a 1)

politician. He was 2)


in Oxfordshire,

England, on 30th November, 1874.

Не 3)

at the royal Military College in

sandhurst. After he completed his 4)

in 1896,

he became a journalist and 5)

for a

newspaper. Three years later he became a politician.

He became Prime Minister in 1940. He was very popular.

The people 6)

him for his strength

and wisdom. He 7) .

his country very much


the Second

World War. He 8)

Clementine Hozier in 1908.

Churchill 9)

was 91 years old.

at home in 1965, He

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