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Choose the correct alternative.

You are so stressed. When will you /Are yowgoing to take a break?

  1. I’m uncomfortable in this hospital bed. I think I’ll ask / I’m asking for an extra pillow.
  2. You will / are going to probably feel dizzy the first time you get out of bed.
    I think I’m going to / I will sneeze!

§ I don’t know what I’m going to / will do with you. You’re so stubborn.

6 You look a bit green! Are you going to / Will you be sick?

39.2 Tick (V) the correct sentences and correct the sentences with mistakes in them.
1 M Ive made an appointment; I’m seeing the dentist at three o’clock tomorrow afternoon.

• Next summer, I learn English in Oxford. Next summer, I’m.going to learn. English in Oxford.
I’m hungry. I think I have a bacon sandwich…
Be careful! You’re going to back the car into that wall!


I’m sure you’re feeling better soon.

You look as if you’re going to pass out!

39.3 Use the words and the verbs in brackets to write sentences with the future form indicated.

  1. Mum / in hospital / for three weeks (be — going to)
    Mum is geing to be in hospital for three weeks..
  2. Stay still! This / injection / at all! / (not hurt — will)
  3. My appointment is at 9 a.m. tomorrow. I / an X-ray / on my ankle. (have — present continuous)

4 your temperature / probably / after the operation (go up — will)

  1. Elsie says she is a lot better and she / in bed / for another minute (not stay — going to)
  2. The doctor doesn’t know what to say. So I / a specialist / next week (see — present continuous)

39.4 Complete the text with the correct form (present continuous, will or going to) of the verbs in brackets. There can be more than one answer.
Tomorrow, my sister, Phoebe, » will come / is coming.. (come) out of hospital, so Mum and I have agreed to organise a surprise party! I know Phoebe (2)

(not feel)

strong, so she 3)

… not be) dancing or anything like that. But we (4

(invite) a lot of her friends, and they (5)

. (be)

happy to sit and chat to Phoebe. In fact, I think I (

…….. (invite) two of the

nurses from hospital, too! Phoebe really likes the nurses, so she .


pleased if they come. Now then… let’s see: they (8) ambulance at four, so I think I (9)

(send) her home by

(ask) people to come round at about

seven in the evening. In that case, I must get organised! I think I (10) (write) my shopping list right now… then I (1).

… (go) to the supermarket!

39.5 Complete the dialogue with the words in the box.
1’ll go
TIL don’t go taking starts I’m Are yougoingto Are you taking

  1. O) Are you going to visit Joshua in hospital?
  2. Yes, I am. I think

» tomorrow evening. I’m playing rugby in the

afternoon, so I can’t go then.

A: Visiting (3)

..at seven in the evening, so (4

before then.

B: OK, thanks. (5)

  1. Yes, I’m (6)
  2. I think (7)

A: Good idea! (8)

anything for him?

… some magazines. What about you? just let him borrow my MP3 player!

.. sure he’ll like that.


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